The POD Model

In 2014 POD Procurement undertook an initiative to identify smarter mechanisms for commercial B2B contracting. It was based on an assumption and a need that “there has to be a better way”, the result was the creation of the first commercial model designed for 21st century business called The POD Model.

The POD Model is applied to standard contracts to financially benefit both buyer and supplier, whilst creating a catalyst for encouraging collaboration. The POD Modelis a mathematical calculation placed within commercial B2B agreements to increase business savings, whilst reducing risks, costs and workloads for both buyers and suppliers alike.

The POD Model is not designed to impact or supersede existing contract Terms and Conditions and can be used in Public and Private Sector contracts and internationally.

The POD Model™ is used within industry to increase savings/profits by addressing aspects such as:

  • Encourage and Reward Supplier Collaboration
  • Reducing Business risks whilst maximising savings
  • Increase cash flow by discouraging excess stock
  • Aggregate organisational spend to increase savings
  • Drive Revenue through increased sales wins
  • Reduce business risks and operational costs
  • With Political, Environmental and Social Value

Addressing market volatility and unlocking the supply chain remain the ambition of most organisations, yet a practical and scalable model has been a challenge to identify. The POD Model is a next generation commercial model specifically designed for the 21st century market, embracing market change and unlocking collaboration for mutual financial benefit.

The POD Model is supported by the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) and The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS).

POD Procurement has offered The POD Model to industry to utilise for Free, no additional technology or change to business processes are required to use the model only an increase in knowledge.

For further details on utilising The POD Model in your Sales or Procurement engagements please contact us.

The POD Model on CIPS. The POD Model can be purchased on Amazon

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