About Us

POD Procurement was founded by Mike Robertson, a 30 year veteran of business. Mike’s career has seen undertakings across Europe and the Middle East and he has worked for SME’s and global organisations such as C&W, BT and IBM.

During his career Mike has successfully established new markets and built new capabilities for Technology organisations within both the public and private sector. He is highly experienced in Technology, Business Process Outsourcing and Software Solutions and successfully led and expanded Emptoris’ sales of Procurement technology into the UK public sector. He has built successful teams, led sales engagements, won and negotiated contracts in both public and private sector, been recognised and won awards for many sales records and achievements.

Mike recently moved to the buy side of business to support Procurements ongoing development in the areas of Procurement, Contract Management and Supply Chain. He developed The POD Model, the first commercial model specifically designed to address 21st century business challenges.

He is the author of “The POD Model” published by Cambridge Academic and available on Amazon. Mikes articles are popular and published across 3 continents, he’s a sought after speaker, presented at the IACCM Academic Forum USA, keynote speaker at Inprocurement live UK 2016, invited to lead The Procurement Revolution initiative and nominated for a Global Procurement Award.

Mikes passion is to achieve what has not been done before, and creating new approaches for solving problems that currently hinder an organisations success.

Why choose us

Over 30 Years’ experience of both the buy and sell side, providing our clients with unique insight on how procurement and sales may view the same engagement.

If you are looking for a new capability or approach, thinking outside the box and finding solutions to business challenges is what we do best.

POD Procurement is not associated with any specific organisation or technology, ensuring our advice is impartial and unbiased.

Our customers include large global multi-national and small organisations alike. Regardless of your business or revenue size, our focus remains consistent and that is your success.

Our engagement is designed around your requirements. We don’t believe in mass produced slides or regurgitating best practices, our solutions are tailored to our customer’s specific situation.