POD Procurement Consultancy and Advisory provides services to both Public & Private sector organisations, in the areas of Procurement Development & Business Expansion.

Within Procurement, we support our customers in their ongoing development of the procurement discipline to achieve optimum business value. We are advocates of driving value into the business through collaboration, innovation and utilising the supply chains full potential. To support procurement we also created The POD Model, a commercial contracting model specifically designed for 21st century businesses, its free to use and supported by CIPS and IACCM.

Our successful business development has supported iconic global technology companies and SMEs to penetrate new markets and launch new products. POD Procurement aims are to drive maximum financial benefit for our customers.

Our Procurement based engagements include:

  • Enhancing Procurements value into the business
  • Increasing Value from B2B contracts
  • Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Maximising the Suppliers Business drivers
  • Evaluating Purchasing Models
  • The Benefits of Procurement Technology

Our Business Expansion engagements include:

  • Aligning Market Opportunity to Business Capabilities
  • Optimising Public Sector Contracts and Frameworks
  • Maximising Routes to Market
  • Driving Supply Chain Collaboration for Mutual Benefit
  • Creating Winning Sales Propositions
  • Utilising Contracts as a Sales USP

Why choose us

Over 30 Years’ experience of both the buy and sell side, providing our clients with unique insight on how procurement and sales may view the same engagement.

If you are looking for a new capability or approach, thinking outside the box and finding solutions to business challenges is what we do best.

POD Procurement is not associated with any specific organisation or technology, ensuring our advice is impartial and unbiased.

Our customers include large global multi-national and small organisations alike. Regardless of your business or revenue size, our focus remains consistent and that is your success.

Our engagement is designed around your requirements. We don’t believe in mass produced slides or regurgitating best practices, our solutions are tailored to our customer’s specific situation.